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Jill Ehrman & Tom Hill

Jill Ehrman & Tom Hill

Insurance Brokers


In 2015, I retired after working at the paper mill in Cloquet, MN for 38 years. Looking for a volunteer opportunity, I came across information on the SeniorLinkage Line and decided they were a good fit. This is a government agency that provides information on many topics related to aging, including Medicare insurance. Working with people to help them find the right Medicare insurance plan was extremely rewarding. When I moved to the Twin Cities I was approached by Nancy Green, who was starting a Medicare insurance company, and she asked if I wanted to join her team. Based on my previous experience, I jumped at the chance. Helping people navigate through the confusion of Medicare insurance and finding the plan that works best for them is a great job!


I have lived in Shoreview for over 20 years. When Tom encouraged me to partner with him in the Medicare insurance business, I couldn’t turn him down. It was just the type of opportunity I was hoping would come my way. It is extremely rewarding educating seniors on Medicare and recommending a plan that works best for them. In this business, we have met the nicest people! In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, volunteering, reading, enjoying our natural resources and spending time with family and friends.

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